Julie Clark Honored with Crystal Eagle Award

Julie Clark Crystal Eagle Award

Sandra Clifford presenting the Crystal Eagle Award to Julie Clark
Photo by: Frank Sweeney

SAN CARLOS, CA — November 9, 2012 —
Captain Julie Clark was presented the Aero Club of Northern California (NAA) Crystal Eagle Award Friday 9 November 2012 at the Hiller Air Museum at the San Carlos Airport. Ironically her home town and where she learned to fly in the 60’s!


The Aero Club Crystal Eagle is presented annually by the Aero Club of Northern California to recognize an individual whose accomplishments have significantly contributed to the advancement of aviation or space technology. Clark now shares this prestigious honor with luminaries such as General James “Jimmy” Doolittle (the first year recipient in 1983), Brigadier General Chuck Yeager, Wayne Handley, Eileen Collins, and “Bud” Anderson (2011 recipient), to name a few.


The inscription on her award reads “In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the field of aviation while overcoming great  personal adversity to become one of the world’s foremost air show aerobatic artists and as one of the modern pioneers who opened the flight decks of the major airlines to women pilots” 2012



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