Julie Clark inducted into Minnesota Aviatiion Hall of Fame | Julie Clark Air Shows

Capt. Julie E. Clark, NWA (ret), inducted into the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame.
The Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame hosted its 27th annual event, on 30 April 2016, to honor a remarkable group of seven Minnesotans for their historical and significant contributions to aviation.
For more than four decades, Julie Clark has demonstrated the perseverance, drive and courage that mark many of American aviation’s true greats. As one of the first women to become a pilot for a major airline, Julie’s pioneering efforts played a significant role in opening the cockpit doors of major U.S. carriers, to women.
Since then, Julie’s contributions to the art, sport, preservation and the perpetuation of interest in aviation have been both meaningful and ongoing! Among them, Julie was actively involved in sport aerobatic competition, the Powder Puff Derby and then spent four years, personally restoring her beloved T-34 Mentor, which she bought sight unseen, at a government surplus auction, up in Alaska.
Julie, together with her restored T-34, then began flying on the North American air show circuit. Once again, Julie’s continuing pursuit of excellence, resulted in Julie developing and continually refining her beautifully choreographed aerial ballet that is as fresh and entertaining today as it was when she first began. Her spectacular, patriotic aerial performance includes humor, music, fireworks and always leaves the audience wanting more!
When she began her air show career, Julie ultimately secured significant sponsor support with major companies, including 19 years with Mopar (longer than any other major sponsor relationship in the air show industry), 5 years with Chevron Global Aviation, 2 years with Juice Plus and now carries the banner of the Tempest Plus Marketing Group and Electroair.
In all areas of her career, Julie Clark’s unwavering commitment to excellence has been consistently recognized; now having received more than forty individual honors and awards from her peers, fans, government and industry.
Julie began her major airline career with Hughes Airwest and subsequent mergers and acquisitions resulted in changes of name to Republic Airlines and then to Northwest Airlines. Julie spent the last 25 years of her airline career based in Minneapolis and established a home in Webster MN, where she continues to reside during the air show season. After a long and distinguished airline career, Julie retired from Northwest Airlines as a Captain on the
Airbus A-320.
Julie has now logged nearly 34,000 accident-free hours in 67 different aircraft types… a truly remarkable achievement!
While raised in San Carlos CA… as you can see, Julie has strong roots in Minnesota. Her mother was born and raised in Minneapolis and she and her sisters spent many summer vacations with their Grandparents. Julie is extremely grateful and very proud and honored by this recognition!


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